E komo mai - Please join us!


We meet In Person & Online
Wednesdays at 7:30 a.m.
Mililani Rec Center 2
94-300 Anania Dr,
Mililani, HI 96789
United States of America
(808) 539-7162
1st Wednesdays of month: Mililani Rec Center 2 Other Wednesdays: Zoom Meeting ID: 838 3852 9580 Passcode: 96789
Upcoming Events
2023 PETS—President Elect Training Seminar
Written by Kathy Lum
I am grateful to RCMS for the opportunity to attend PETS training and to prepare me for my upcoming year as President. It was a jam packed 3 days with A LOT of information covered. I took a lot of notes, but most importantly I tried to meet as many non-Hawaii peo-ple as I could as I wanted to learn about the different clubs.
1 takeaway, have FUN!
Every keynote speaker was amazing.
What is a Rotarian?
A Rotarian is a person who digs wells, from which they may never drink
Vaccinates children of which they might never meet
Restores eyesight for those they might never see
Build houses they might never live in
Educates the children they might not never know
Plants trees that they might never sit under
And knows that real happiness can only be found by helping others!
President Elect
Community Service
Club Service
International Service
Foundation Chair
Interact Advisor
New Generations
Past President
Membership co-chair
Public Relation
Service Projects
Club Administration
Club Trainer
4 Way Test + 5 "Have Fun"
District Governor Citation
Club Excellence Award in four categories: Community Service, Foundation Programs, Membership Growth and Youth Services.
Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation—Third Highest Club Per Capita
District Awards:
Community Service – 1st place
Youth Service – 1st place
Foundation Programs – 1st runner up
Membership Grown – 1st  runner up
Kathy Lum 
Club President
2023 - 2024
Well, February flew by and now we are
already in March, like the saying goes,
“time flies when you’re having FUN”
The Rotary Club of Mililani Sunrise
awards scholarships to Mililani community
high school seniors through our
Foundation for the Rotary Club of Mililani
Sunrise, a 501(c)3 Foundation, we
have provided over $400,000 to about
230 students from the Mililani community.
In mid-February our Committee
Co-Chairs Mel Kumasaka and Kim Yamane
did an amazing job in prepping the Scholarship Interview Committee
members with packets for 14 scholarship applicants and on
February 17th we had a full day of panel-style interviews and what an
amazing group of students. We hope this experience will jump-start
future interviews for them and hopefully they know who ROTARY is
and what we do. Thank you, Mel and Kim, for your leadership!
On March 4th, Mililani High School’s Interact Club celebrated its 50th
Birthday, the celebration was attended by Assistant Governor Joshua
Laguana and RCMS members. To help the interactors celebrate
RCMS members provided “50” balloons, pizza, and a delicious
brownie cake. Way to go MHS Interact Club!
On March 9th, we held our annual Garage/Rummage sale at Mililani
High School, on behalf of RCMS we want to thank everyone that donated
great “treasures” and everything in between. The weather was
perfect, and we had so much FUN! With the funds we raised, we will
be able to do more things for our Mililani community.
I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!
Aloha Always! Kathy