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Mililani Rec Center 2
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1st Wednesdays of month: Mililani Rec Center 2 Other Wednesdays: Zoom Meeting ID: 838 3852 9580 Passcode: 96789
Questions contact: Kathy Lum
"Sold Out" Bowling Fundraiser
Kathy Lum, President Elect 2023-24
Bowling Winners
Youngest - Miki 
Matured - Doc McKenzie
Spirited - Lori Williams
High Score - Chad Morales
Low Score - Hayley Lum
Aiea Bowling Alley
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Club Excellence Award in four categories: Community Service, Foundation Programs, Membership Growth and Youth Services.
Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation—Third Highest Club Per Capita
District Awards:
Community Service – 1st place
Youth Service – 1st place
Foundation Programs – 1st runner up
Membership Grown – 1st  runner up
Lynn Goya - President 2022-23
Rotary Reach
At a recent district meeting, Benson Medina, District Trainer, shared about a project his RC of Hilo Bay is working on. Near the volcanic eruption of 2021, about 2,000 Marshalese people have settled in as a community. But they have no running water. The Marshalese people talked with state officials, tried to get a building permit, and faced insurmounta-ble red tape. Benton’s club is going to help them. It surprised me that water is not just an issue internationally, and made me proud that Rotary is there to help locally as well as abroad.
Rotary as an international organization can do things more quickly than heavily bureaucratic organizations. 3 days after Ukranian was invaded, Rotary sent donations to Ukranian Rotarians. Polio has resurfaced in New York, England and Pakistan and Rotary is responding with an urgent call for Polio Plus fundraisers. In Hawaii, Rotarians made news by tossing genki balls into the Ala Wai to address a decades-old issue of pollution there. And in our own Mililani community, we planted the first Rotary Peace Pole on Oahu soon after the Ukranian war broke out.
Rotarians are change-makers. Want to help kupuna? Let’s think of a project. Have concerns about children’s education or well-being? Let’s put our heads together to come up with projects. In a tiny way, I feel empowered make a difference in the world. Let’s work together to make that difference.  Thank you for all you do because we do it together!